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Identité - e-book in formato pdf [En]

Identité - e-book in formato pdf [En]

Identité: A contemporary tale from the Middle East to Vesuvius


Contemporary fairy tale with an adventurous and funny mood "Identité" tells the story of  Christine, a secret agent hidden under the guise of an oriental dancer, of her adventure companion Mawan, Kurdish shepherd and musician with unexpected magical talents, and of Felix Renaudier, a mysterious character, the witness, the narrator, "the one who draws the world".Possessing evidence of a terrible conspiracy of the great powers to keep the peoples of the world submissive, Christine, is aided by trusted Mawan in escaping from the Middle East to Europe under the watchful gaze of Felix, using their special talents to escape from the most difficult situations. In their journey they will cross  migrant routes and share their destiny while crossing the Mediterranean like illegal immigrants until they reach the Italian coasts. This graphic novel is an integral part of a larger and more complex work that includes a collection of original musical pieces written and played by the duo WUM, a theatrical piece with live music played by Massimo D'Avanzo (Mawan's alter ego), dance choreographed and performed by Carmen Famiglietti  (whose appearance is the basis of Christine’s character), and the acting and projections of the drawings from the graphic novel by Peppe Barile (Felix Reanaudier in the novel). We would like those who read the story to simultaneously listen to the music and the songs. Therefore,, we have indicated in the margins of the pages the songs (which you can find on all the most important music platforms) associated with the according moment in the tale.


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